my xlsm spreadsheet will not work correctly on Office 365

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I created a spreadsheet using VBA, so I had to save my file as an xlsm. 

When I uploaded it to OneDrive, it shows , but the functions don't work (ie drop down list , that lets you select multiple options ands the cell adjusts height based on the amount of selections.) 


I've looked everywhere for a fix , but keep coming up empty handed.


any help is welcomed , I'm using a Mac , not sure if that makes a difference .

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Excel online / Excel in a browser window do not support macros. You can do most everything else in the workbook but macros will not run and activeX and other such controls will not work. You can create drop down lists using data validation and that will work online but those are NOT multiselection. If it must work online you need to re-factor how you are going to do things. There are scripts but those must get activated and have different functionality than macros so depends on what you need as to if they will even do it.