My table does not auto-insert all the formulas when a new row is inserted

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My excel sheet has 5 columns with formulas. I converted it into a "Table" so that those formulas auto-fill whenever I insert a new row (between rows). 


Upon inserting a new row, only 4 out of 5 columns will auto-fill the formula. I've checked and all the necessary columns are included in the "Table".


Can anyone advise why this is happening?

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You have somehow broken the table autofill.

Delete all formulas in the column except one. Go to that cell with the formula and press F2 and ENTER.


Hi Detlef Lewin,
I've tried doing the above but it still does not work..
Also tried redoing the entire excel sheet from scratch and realised the table autofill gets broken when i try to "lock" those cells and "protect" the excel sheet.
Not sure why..