My excel sheet keeps recreating rows after I delete them

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I am working on a task that requires a separate workbooks. In my second workbook there is an extra 100+ rows that I keep deleting and they are reappearing. I have tried to choose CTRL+End and the pressed clear formatting all  for the rows, but then they  come back again. 


How can I stop this from happening? 

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100 rows of … , what exactly?

The sheet will always have 1048576 rows, so any rows you delete will be replaced by blank rows.

These will reflect any whole column formatting that might be in play.

@monica91 ,


Do I understand correctly you have empty rows all the time at the bottom of you range? To clean, select all these empty rows (from end of the range till the roe where Ctrl+End is positioned), Home->Clear-Clear All. Save and reopen workbook. As a rule Ctrl+End shall be at the end of your range after that.

Select the row immediately below your data and press Ctrl+Shift+End to select all blank rows below your data. Press Ctrl+- and select Rows, then click Ok to delete all the selected rows. Save your file. If you now press Ctrl+End, you will jump to the rightmost cell in the last row of your data, which indicates that you successfully deleted all blank rows below it.

@Twifoo , Ctrl+Shift+End selects all rows till end of the worksheet (1M something), not till Ctrl+End. If I understood correctly that's not empty rows between two ranges, these are not cleaned rows below the range,

Beautiful. That's exactly what I needed.
Go these simple steps:
1. Select the first empty cell
3. Press CTRL+END
4. Right click on selected rows and choose Delete...
5. Save/Close and reopen to take effect [Tips]
I am having the same problem. My Excel keeps recreating rows after I delete them. Any ideas why? and how to fix this?
You, my friend, are a lifesaver! I've spent two hours trying every supposed solution I could find, but not one did anything to solve my problem until I came across this comment. Your solution worked like a charm! Thank you so much!!!
This solution worked for me! Thank you @Twifoo