My enter button in Excel 365 does not cause the cell to go down? How can I fix this

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When I press the enter button in Excel 365, the cell does not move down? I am using a mac

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For Excel 365 Desktop version (Windows) that's within File->Options

No such option for Excel Online

Not sure about other platforms with 365

@SergeiBaklan I'm using a mac. There is no 'options'. I click on preferences and the attached comes up but no enter keyScreenshot 2020-11-13 at 17.12.42.png




Click on Edit in the Preferences window.




You'll find 'After pressing Return, move selection' under 'Edit Options'.

These options don't appear for me. I'm using Office365 in a browser (Chrome) and under File > Options all I have is "Regional Format Settings".
If I click the cog at the top right, I get "Language & Time Zone", "Password", "Contact Prefences", "Accessibility".
Having the cursor move when I press Enter is very frustrating because it moves my view of the whole spreadsheet, and when I'm presenting this is very annoying.


Excel for web practically has no customization. There are no other options except Regional settings.

In my case there's something strange. I change the direction option to down from right (default option) and it works but only until the next computer reboot. Excel version 2309 and Windows 11 21H2.