my data showing date ant time and I need to remove the time and keep the date only

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Let's say you have dates in D2 and down.

If necessary, insert an empty column in column E.

Enter the following formula in E2:




Format E2 as a date, then fill down.

If you want to get rid of the formulas, select column E, copy then paste as values.



Depending on how deeply you want to make the change, you could 

  1. just change the format so only the date appears
  2. get the integer value of the underlying value (all dates and times are in fact numbers like 44646.70 with the part after the decimal being the fraction that the time represents of the full 24 hour day. Today's date (3/26/22) is the 44646 part of it.

The easiest way is just to click on the cell(s) in question, then on the main Format menu, select Cells, and then select the date format you desire from the many choices shown.