Multiple start from speadsheet in startup folder.

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Windows 11 pro - excel office 365.

Since we upgraded from office 2016 to office 365, we get multiple start from the spreadsheet in the startup folder.

Each time we activate or start a new excel file, one file in the startupfolder has to start. Then if you start an other excel file, the file in the startup folder was already executed and did not start a second time. It worked fine for 20 years.

Since we work with office 365, the file in the startupfolder, starts every time when you start a new excel file. The startup file is in fact some kind of a database , that is connected to multiple template files.

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If you open two Excel files and then launch task manager and click the Details tab, how many excel.exe entries do you see?
Strange, If I start a new file from a template in excel it works normal. but when I start from a template in the ERP software, then the startupfile starts again. So the problem is in the ERP software. I will contact the company.

Thanks for the reply.
I would move that file to a different location and pin it at the top of my Excel file, Open tab. Or place an link icon to the file on my desktop and assign a short-cut key to that icon. I use that for my time keeping workbook which I open many times a day.