multiple rules in format code

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Let's say I'm creating a scatter plot chart. So, I've entered in x and y values in the cells. I go to Insert chart, etc., and get the chart displaying just as I want it. Then, I notice there's no 0 displaying in either the x-axis or y-axis labels (it's just blank for that label). So, I go to -> Format axis -> Axis options -> Number -> Category: Custom; Format Code. I know which three rules I need in order to get the labels to display as I want them. The problem is it seems you can only create a code with a maximum of two rules. Do you know how to cram three rules (separated by semi-colons) into a single format code? The only remedy I found was to create a "new rule" in Home->Conditional Formatting, but that didn't work. If I try to create a format code with three rules and add it, it just chops off the third rule. 

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One option is to use 0,"K"

Apart from that, I have no problem creating three sections:


Or am I missing the point?

Yeah, if I enter that (three rules separated by two semicolons), it will only add a code with the first two rules, so thanks for the reply but, as always, "works for me" isn't a huge help


I understand that that isn't helpful, my apologies. What about my other suggestion?


By the way, what do you see when you open the attached version?


Custom number format doesn't work with more than two conditions, that's by design I guess.

Actually, I take back what I said. Your post was in fact helpful. I wasn't able to put in more than two conditions (as the post below points out), but it turns out I didn't need more than two conditions. Your suggestion helped me figure out what I needed. Here's what I ended up with (I was trying to get just "0" for the zero and a K for the other values): [>999999]#.0,,"M";[>999]#,"K";0