multiple right/if formula

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Can someone help me get over this hurtle?  I have a number that I need to pull the last digit from, depending on that value I need the cell to say a specific(2 words) text. I'm able to use the right command to get the value for one instance but I can't get it to work for multiple different value.  




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=IF(RIGHT(C5,1)="6","6 red",IF(RIGHT(C5,1)="5","5 yellow",IF(RIGHT(C5,1)="4","4 white","")))

Is this what you want to do? 

You would use IFS function since it is easier, since you can use many condition at the same function

=ifs( condition1, True value1, condition2, True value2, ...)

=IFS(RIGHT(AR4,1)="6"," 6 - YE:Yellow",RIGHT(AR4,1)="5","5 - RD: Red")