Multiple nested VLOOKUPs in IFERROR

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I'm sorry - it's been asked before and looked through the older posts but can't solve my problem. 

I'm looking to string together a formula which will look for a given name in 4 different "boxes" and return a corresponding value. I can get IFError and Vlookup to work but only for the first 2 "boxes"...


Also, I have a name with values in two "boxes" and would love for Excel to be able to return a sum of the two values without yet another step. 

I have attached a simplified dummy sheet for anybody who's able to help to play around with. 

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!   

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In C16:




Fill down.




Instead of vlookup you can apply sumproduct.

Thanks Hans ! Looks much easier than Vlookup...
Thanks Quadruple Pawn,
I have never used SumProduct before, so will look at what else I can use it for.