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Hi, U need to compare two spreadsheet and return a value in a row, where multiple cells are the same and the times are within 10 minutes of each other

Is there such a formula?

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I'd be surprised if there's not a formula that can be written. However, your description doesn't give enough specifics to go on. Is there any way you could give a more complete description, ideally including clear images of the two sets of data (if not a copy of the actual file)....

Hi @mathetes ,

Thank you for your response.

I'm not sure how to attach a copy of the spreadsheet to this post, but in essence, I have 2 data sources, which I have worked to a point where each has 4 columns - Registration, Date, Time and Location.  Each registration can have multiple events on a single, and multiple days, for one or more locations.  I think I could compose a formula that can lookup the Registration, Date and Location together, but I am battling to find one that will give me the time shown in the one spreadsheet, when the Registration, Date and Location match, AND the Time is within +/- 10 minutes of the Time in the other sheet.


Thanks again.



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