Multiple IF statements

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I want a user to be able to go onto this sheet and click what they need from the drop down in D3 and for the relevant table on Sheet 3 to be displayed.


I looked at using an IF statement for one option =IF(D3="IPC 4101 /21",Sheet3!D4:D14,"")

But i have just over 20 drop down options, i thought about just doing one continious if statement but i am aware of problems and it being time consuming. Is there any easier way i can do this?


Thanks in advance.


Screenshot 2022-07-01 091036.pngScreenshot 2022-07-01 091055.png

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You can try doing this with named ranges and with the INDIRECT function.

multiple if statements.JPG

@SophieBill As an alternative (and assuming that your Excel version supports dynamic arrays), restructure the data like in the attached file. and use UNIQUE and FILTER.


thank you i will give it a go