Multiple IF Statements

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I am trying to create a spreadsheet for a customer for irrigation pricing.  I have a dropdown menu created that will highlight the current rate they have selected.

I'm trying to create an annual savings column that will pull the value from the selected rate and apply it to that particular rate but when I write my IF statement it tells me I have too many values.




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From syntax point of view this one works

=IF(  $B6 = "DAILY CONTROL", "have no idea what",
  IF( $B6="AG ADVANTAGE",    H21-H13,
  IF( $B6="TWO-DAY CONTROL", H29-H13,
  IF( $B6="ONE-DAY CONTROL", H37-H13,
  IF( $B6="NO CONTROL",      H45-H13,
      "more unknown")
@Sergei Baklan
That worked perfectly. I must have just missed actually having a value for a couple of the false responses. Thanks for your help!

@frankb485 , glad to help