Multiple IF functions in one formula

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Hi, I am new here and I have a problem with a project regarding a formula. Excel is saying #Value, which off course is not a good sign.


I have a list with values below each other from: 1 to 25 (25 = max). 

The classification is as follows:

< 6 = Low

between 5 and 12 = Medium

> 12 = High


What I want Excel to do: Suppose in cell B2 there is the value 9, then in cell C2 there should be the result according to the classification. Result in C2 will then be: Medium.


Antother example: In cell B2 is the value 4, than in cell C2 Excel should be showing: Low.


The used formula (which is fault):



Row      Risk number (B)         Risk in words (C)       


2                    12                                  High

3                     4                                   Low

4                     9                                   Medium


If above is not possible in Excel, please let me know. It would be much appreciated. 




Dominique de Jong 


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Maybe like this.

nested if.JPG 

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You mentioned "between 5 and 12" = medium and ">12" = high. So 12 should be medium.

(Also, I think it should be "between 6 and 12")

You can use


or create a lookup list:


And use either




The advantage of the lookup list is that it's easy to change the thresholds - you have to do it only in one place instead of in each formula.

Yes that worked. Many thanks for the help!
Hi Hans, I think you are right about the classification. Well I am working as a quality assurance officer and a quality standard such as IFS (perhaps known) made the classification themself. I think not right as I may believe now.

So about the Excel. My thanks for the quick reply. I will try the above in my worksheet.

Please apply the simple formula
=IF(A1<=5,"Low",IF(AND(A1>=6,A1<12),"Medium",IF(A1>=12,"High",0))) or
It depends on range, need to design from start of range and end of range.





Many thanks for the reply. When I was reading your formula, it sounded very logical to me. Only too late