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I'm used to If Functions, And and Or, on multiple version (ex: =SI(OU(D7=E7=F7;D8=E8=F8;...;"yes";"no)); in some cases to check numbers, in others to check text, names eventually alphanumeric; it may happen that cells with text are declared has numbers (if I have to insert columns, for numbers, immediately afterwards);

all of a sudden, implementing a new function it doesn't work in a new sheet, at all; previous ones, in other sheets keep functioning correctly;  no change of the pc, Windows or Office versions; the excel file has now less than 6KB, less than 40 sheets, in some sheets some 600 columns, in some sheets some 600 lines. What's my mistake please? Thanks in advance Regards Jorge Leitao

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A condition such as D7=E7=F7 won't do what you want. It is equivalent to (D7=E7)=F7, so it is TRUE if D7=E7 and F7=TRUE or if D7<>E7 and F7=FALSE.

And the closing parenthesis of OU(...) is placed incorrectly.

It should be