multiple IF formulas in a single cell

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I am trying to create a ss that works out a stapleford score for golf using the par, stroke index and gross score. Easy to work out which holes I get one shot on and which I get two. My problem is comparing my net score with the holes par as I need to have multiple returns depending on my net score compared against the par.

The formula I created is as follows and works for some but not all cells.



J8 is the par  - E8 is my net score so I am asking if I am two shots under the par I get 4 points, then 1 shot under the par I get 3 points etc etc 


Is the formula correct because its not working correctly at the moment.


Thank you for any help / solution.



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Maybe with this formula which seems to work in my sheet.



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@cleantrousers Please find a Golf score card attached. I created it a while ago when a similar question came up in this forum.


Enter the course details (hole, index, par), your playing handicap and your gross scores for each hole. The schedule calculates the Strokes Received (SR) and points (Pts) per hole.


The points calculation doesn't require nested IF functions. It follows the following rule:


Pts = the greater of zero or ( 2 + Par + SR - Score )






Many thanks.