Multiple If dealing with pricing

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I honestly don't know where to start on this formula.  Here is what it needs to figure:


If C59="WW-1" then 9750, If C59="WW-2" then 5200, if C59="WW-3" then 5600, if C59 has anything else besides WW-1, ww-2, ww-3, then use this formula=IF(ISNUMBER(G59),(G59+L59),"")



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You can try this formula.

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This worked great! It actually goes with another series of cell formulas that are giving me the #value error. I tried to incorporate your formula to make it work but i am missing something. Formula is below:

=IF(C59="WW-1",Flat Rate,IF(C59="WW-2",Flat Rate,IF(C59="WW-3",Flat Rate,IF(ISNUMBER(F59),SUM(E59*F59,"")))))


=IF(C59="WW-1",Flat Rate,IF(C59="WW-2",Flat Rate,IF(C59="WW-3",Flat Rate,IF(ISNUMBER(F59),SUM(E59*F59),""))))


You can try this formula. However if you want to multiply E59*F59 then you don't need SUM:


=IF(C59="WW-1",Flat Rate,IF(C59="WW-2",Flat Rate,IF(C59="WW-3",Flat Rate,IF(ISNUMBER(F59),E59*F59,""))))