multiple If conditions with result from data source

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what excel function do i use for multiple if conditions to read result from data table


Sheet 1 conditions are Column L and Column M.  These need to meet a data source specified on the data sheet.  This then needs to pull the column n result automatically from the data table on the data sheet. 

any suggestions?

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Hi Nayls,


Use a IF and AND function such as   =IF(AND(L3=1,M3=1),N3,0)



thanks Rich.

i was trying that but i think i am trying for to many conditions. 

 i need 2 columns to select conditions to then result in an answer from the data table.

eg: sheet 1 cost is where i need the answer.  

condition 1 is sheet 1 column L is manually inputed and needs to match data sheet table code

condition 2 is sheet 1 column M is manually inputed and needs to match data sheet table code (titles which is the term at the top )

the result will need to pull from the correct column and row to match the data in the table on the data sheet.  

i think im trying to hard :)



can you send a sample xls?




I have used data validation for the code and term data input (this ensures the values are always in the data lookup). for the cost value I have used Vlookup with row and column selected by match for the code and term values.


Revised spreadsheet attached with changed cells highlighted



thank you so much!!!

i got so hung up on the multiple IF / AND idea that i didnt even go for a VLOOKUP.


champion :)