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could you please help me in this:


depending to the data in the Table 1 ,
create dynamic drop down list to be ability filling the Table 2 according to administrative division to three level , each admin level depends on the previous admin level

(please see the file attached) note: I use Excel 2016.


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@ahmad ali , Something like this?

Thanks @TheAntony  so much

Yes,exactly like that


please,I have questions:

1- the tables you inserted have filters signs ( though columns are not filtered) - are they necessary?

2- The way you got column P is that you copied column B (B6:B32) then you applied (remove duplicates) then you inserted column O accordingly(cell by cell) - ?right





@ahmad ali ,


  1. I made the helper tables into official Excel Tables (Insert->Table) so that they will expand dynamically and the formulas that reference it will also expand accordingly. They are necessary if your list may grow in the future. 
  2. Correct. I copied over unique values so I can lookup for the dynamic drop-downs in the Data Validation Formula. I did this because you had mentioned you were using Excel 2016 so you wouldn't have the latest Excel functions like Filter and Unique.


Thank you so much

I can't thank you enough 


@ahmad ali , happy to help. 

@TheAntony Hi,

Can you suggest me a way to create a troubleshooting guide with dropdown lists.
The issues will be categorized and when user selects a category it will show the next level of classification and at the end of hierarchy the issue will be there along with the solution.
Here we need multiple drop down lists 
the values of seconf dropdown should be dependant on the value selected in the first dropdown
the 3rd dropdown should be dependant on the value selected in 1st dropdown and so on