Multiple Dependent Drop Down List to Filter Table

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Hello Everyone,

I have created a spreadsheet that includes 3 dependent drop down lists using the Offset and Match functions. These are working with no issues. What I would like to do is to use those drop down lists to filter a table. The table would included categories from each of the 3 dependent drop down lists. Is this possible? I am using Excel version 2016/2019. Thank you for your assistance.

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1) Would you like to filter the table when a value is selected in any of the three dropdowns, or only when a value is selected in the last of the three?

2) It would be helpful if you could attach a small sample workbook.

@Hans Vogelaar 

I have a dependent drop down list so it would be nice to filter each time one of the categories is selected.  For example, the Main category once selected would filter the table for the category and so on for the Sub1 and Sub2.  The Main categories Adhesives, Sealants & Fillers, Air Tools & Compressors and Automotive Tools are the only categories that are fully working through the Sub2 at this time.  There is a VBA that resets Sub1 and Sub2 once the Main category is selected. Thank you for your assistance.


Thank you; I have downloaded the sample workbook.

Which sheet contains the table that you want to filter?

Ideally it would be the sheet called TableWithDropDown if not the the Table sheet.
Were you able to fine a solution?

@m1975michael My apologies, this thread somehow dropped of my radar.


Your dependent dropdowns are already working correctly. I don't understand what or how you want to filter. Can you explain?

Thank you Hans for replying back to me. I will eventually have a big table of data that I would like to filter using my dependent dropdowns. I realize that I may need to use different sheets or layout in excel to make this possible. I will be happy anyway we can get it working.


Your current setup doesn't have anything like that, so I have no idea.