Multiple Date Issues

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Is there a way to have both text AND the correct date in the same cell without it changing the date to a bunch of numbers?


Also, is there a way to have excel show the correct dates in the spreadsheet, while also being correct when you have to print that specific day?  I can't use the =today() function+1,+2,+3, etc.  It shows the correct dates in the spreadsheet, but when you get to Thursday, it'll be a few days ahead.


Many thanks!

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In your sample file, we can edit the formula in Cell A1, as follows: 


If you wish to add days to the date today, the formula

=TODAY()+1 will return the serial number of the date tomorrow because dates are stored as serial numbers (starting with 1 representing the date "01-Jan-1900"), although they may be formatted as dates or presented as text. 

To add 1 day to the date today and present it as text, the formula is: 


Remember that TODAY is a volatile function that recalculates everyday. If you need to enter the static date for today, you may do so with the shortcut key: Ctrl+;