Multiple Data Validation with Drop Down Lists

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I am attempting to make a sheet that has the ability to organize employees into specific stations. Each station has a drop-down to select from to choose an employee.


My issue is that I want to set up the sheet so that if an employee has already been placed into a station (specific cell), and the employee’s name is entered into another station (another cell) that there will either be an error stating the name cannot be entered, or the name will automatically be removed from the original cell.


I see that I can use multiple data validation for similar instances using the “custom” data validation option and a formula, however I cannot get it to work as I have already selected the data validation to be a drop-down list.


Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!

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Attached is a workbook I created for someone earlier in the week.

@Patrick2788 thank you for the spreadsheet! I will be sure to use this formula in the future, unfortunately it won't work in my current situation.


For clarification, each station dropdown pulls from different lists, however the same name can show up in different lists. My hope is that there can be no duplicate selections between multiple different lists.


I cannot add my workbook to this reply to show you my setup I am afraid.