Multiple Criteria to pull multiple values in Excel Summary Table

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Hi, I need some help to read number and output to a summary table with multiple criterion. Tab 1: Raw data with information Tab 2: Example of dummy data. Basically, need to read text from column C, D, E in Raw Data - Tab 1 based on 2 criterion (Pillar and Group - columns A, B in Tab 1) and then spit out results in Tab 2 - Desired output. Note that in some cases there is more than one date/value to spit out in the column. Please help.

Criteria should be based on Column A and B (Group and Pillar) ....
and when the criteria meets, it may or may not have more than 1 value (for example: Group 1, Pillar 1 might have 2 dates/values in column C, D, E so I have to pull both dates in my summary table.

Please see attached data ("example.xlsx")

Thank you!

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That could be Pivot Table as attached

Thank you Sergei. Yes, pivot tables are quick to do on this but we want to have a formula extract those values on the multiple criteria. This will be used in addition to other columns we are extracting data from to have a summarized table for non-technical users who are not proficient at using pivot tables.