Multiple Criteria IFS function AGAIN so sorry

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For B17 & C17, when I type Akron in B17, according to the formula which is identical to every other city listed that all appear, for some reason it says FALSE.  I have tried entering it in different areas in the formula.  I have added other cities after it and they work but Akron doesn't.  Why?  Can anyone help me?  Here is a screen shot of my sheet:

 Screenshot 2022-08-24 130958.jpg

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Make sure that there is no space before or after Akron in B17.

See @Quadruple_Pawn's reply

By the way, such a formula is hard to maintain. It would be much better to create a lookup list, with cities in its first column and the corresponding percentages in its second column.

You can then use a short and simple VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP formula. And if you need to add or change something, you only need to do it in the list, instead of updating multiple formulas.



In the formula there is no percentage for "Warrensville Heights" and no result/answer for TRUE. "Akron" and it's percentage are entered twice but this shouldn't matter.