Multiple Conditional Formatting

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I need to figure out how to do a conditional formatting with color fill and add text. Ex.


If the formula in cell B5 gets deleted then I need the cell to turn blue and the cell to say "No Formula" is this possible? If so how do I do it?

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You are combining 2 different functionalities:

  • Changing the color of the cell based on whether it has contents or no >> This is Conditional formatting
  • Delivering a string of text >> This is a conditional IF function and should be created in a different cell other than the one you are evaluating.

I attached a sample file with the functionalities

Two functionalities.png

Check it in Excel

In column B there is a conditional formatting that changes the cell color to blue if contents are deleted

In column C there is an IF function that returns the text "No Content" if the cell to it's left is blank.

Both functionalities are triggered by deleting any cell content in column B

Hope that Helps

Nabil Mourad


If the task is to check if in some cell formula was changed on value, when better to use conditional formatting rule with the formula