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Hello, I am trying to write a function that will add up all entries in a sales section (product/location) if they occur after a certain date, the date will vary by sales product/location and there will be many entries (presumably 1/day) for each sales section. The goal is to communicate to management the sales data by sales section as a running total since the last "Kick-Up Meeting" to see if a new "Kick-Up Meeting" is required to discuss the situation. Each "Kick-Up Meeting" would reset the "Kick-Up State Date", which I would change manually by sales section as needed. 


The "date" component I mentioned would determine if column L is greater or equal to Column D.

Any/all advice would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying everything I can think of/find on youtube for some time now.


Here is a few example lines of what I am talking about, though there are many hundreds of entries/lines, more everyday (the column I'm looking to automatically populate is "M" (Kick-Up Total Risk):




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