Multi If Than Statements

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im attempting to make a function for auto-filling information, I need it to read a cell see U13 and say 2008 or U14 and 2007 and so on

I made a table like this on R and S 2-8 but I'm unsure how to allow for multiple results in the if statement. or chain multiple if statements any help would be appreciated my current statement is =IF(E2=R2,S2)



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@GNSC4 Without seeing your file I would suggest you try, e.g. in F2:



and copy it down in column F.


This is a basic lookup function, that finds a match of the entries in E in the first column of the lookup table (R2:S8) and then return the 2nd column for matches found.


If you use a fairly recent Excel version, you might also look into the XLOOKUP function.



@Riny_van_Eekelen That worked beautifully thank you very much