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When the Lookup value is a single cell, the Return_Array is returning two columns as desired in the following formula



But when the Lookup_Value is a Range, the Return_Array is returning only the 1st Column.



Is it a Bug or I am missing something !


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IMHO, that is correct behaviour. In second case you try to return array of array which is not supported.

Ahh ! That is the Case ! I am amazed at how easily we can assume the things, which are yet to come into foray. May be Microsoft has given wings to our thoughts ! Thanks Sergei ! You have my admiration !

How do you learn and go about the things ? Will you share the secret recipe !


If you are trying to return a two dimensional array of values, you can use INDEX/XMATCH/XMATCH or, if you have no need to look up the column indices, a hard-wired array {1,2} will return the first two columns.


It is a nuisance that, though arrays of arrays, are normal as input (essentially that is what Tables are) it is such hard work to get a 2D array returned.