MS Office 2021 does not stay activated on Mac

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MacOS Senoma 14.1 MS Excel 2021 does not stay activated. I have restarted, reinstalled, relogged into my MS account on web, redownloaded Office 2021 Mac, it installs successfully, activates successfully, but every time I close program, and reopen, it says I am not activated.
It is the correct account, it is not a license problem, I paid for it with this account.





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Interesting. I have something very similar with my M1 MacMini and Excel. It'll be telling me it can't upload the current Excel file I'm working on to OneDrive, that I need to log in. Yet it IS in fact uploading to OneDrive. Still, though, to get rid of the message I need to log out and log in again.
Doesn't happen on the MacBook Air, and both have the current OS........ Strange!!



Thanks. I've bookmarked that page. I didn't see anything that quite matched my sporadic problem, and it hasn't been bad enough to cause me to lose sleep. But if it persists--or spreads to my other Macs--then I might take advantage of the ability to report in more detail the symptoms I'm encountering.