MS Office 2016 Charts.

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I am from Belgium, and normaly i speak in the dutch language.

But i will try to explain me as well.


I have 2 problems:

1)  In my spreadshead  i have data, as you can see below in Appendix named "bron".

       When I create a chart of this data see my chart look like
       attached with red border. How come that all these dates see?

2)   The columns in my chart are thin sticks, I want the normal columns where I can insert a (vertical)           value. See annex with blue edges.


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I'm moving this to the Excel space for better visibility.


Hi Rolle_007,

if I understand you well and you are meaning a chart like shown in the image below, then changing the axis type to Text axis should work.image.pngBest,


Hello Mourad,


Thank you for these informations, and i did it with succes !!!!!