MS Excel VBA code need for Re-Execute task.


Hi Everyone!

I have an attached file below and there I have more then 12 thousands customar names and want to short it by rearrage good name for all names to get some some from another sheet,,, I have already completed more than 1700 names and get more than 1300 unique names and also will get more unique names. But the problem is, it will take more days and time and borring work,,,

Is there any way to complete it by VBA code,,, then it will very helpful for me...

Please if any of you have any solution then please reply,,,,


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with VBA code...see the file.

It takes a bit until all the individual values appear, but it works :).

Choose which range you want to include and in which spade or range you want the unique values to appear. Please note that the range in which the individual values should appear must not be smaller than the clear values.


or with Formula



or with filter

Filter for unique values or remove duplicate values



Hope I could help you with these information / links.



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