MS Excel Insert/Copy Image Formula/VBA Code.


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Here I have an Excel sheet of some products with some Images and now I want to copy some specific models image in a new sheet from the first sheet where the images present. Is there any formula for getting the image from a sheet to another sheet like XLOOKUP formula?

Please if any of you have a solution then please reply,,, I attach below some screen short for understanding,,





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Copy image from sheet and paste on another.

Here is an example, you just need to set it to your liking.

    Dim arrCells()
    Dim sha image as shape
    Dim varAvailable
    Dim dblLinks as a double
    Dim dblOben As Double
    ' Array with all start and destination addresses for the images - complete accordingly!
    arrCells = Array(Array("A1", "A3", "A2"), Array("A1", "E1", "I1"))
    With worksheets ("Sheet2")
        ' loop over all shapes in "Sheet1"
        For each shaImage in worksheets ("Sheet1").Shapes
            ' Check if the address of the top left cell of the current shape is in the array
            varexists = Application.Match(shaImage.TopLeftCell.Address(0, 0), arrCells(0), 0)
            ' If present, Match returns a numeric value
            If IsNumeric(varExists) Then
                'Copy current image
                ' Paste copy
                ' Determine the position of the left border of the target cell
                dblLeft = .Range(arrCells(1)(varExists - 1)).Left
                ' Determine the position of the top edge of the target cell
                dblTop = .Range(arrCells(1)(varExisting - 1)).Top
                ' Reference to the last inserted shape
                With .Shapes(.Shapes.Count)
                    ' Assign positions
                    .Links = dblLinks
                    .Top = dblTop
                end with
            end if
        Next sha picture
    end with
end sub


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