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Given an MS Excel spreadsheet with a list of names in column A (A1:A5519), another list of names in column G (G1:G442), and known gender in column H (H1:H442), how can I compare each name in column A to all names in column G and assign column C (C1:C5519) with a gender value from column H when a match is found between columns A and G?


I've tried ChatGPT, and it's given a few different possibilities, all of which looked promising, but none of which worked. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Disregard. The following worked:
=IFERROR(INDEX($H1:$H442, MATCH(A1, $G1:$G442, 0)), " ") after manually typing it in and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter to enter an array formula.