MS Excel Formula with Indirect Cell/Range referance.


Hi Everyone!

I have indirectly cell number which is showing as a value and formated as general (e.g cell number G48, G944 etc) in a cell in a column and now I want to work with that cell numbers. Such I want to use =XLOOKUP formula

for getting model numbers from another colunm or sheet with the referance of that cell number which is showing as a value in a cell but now how can I put this cell number referecne into my formula,,

Please if any of you have soluation then please reply,, I attach below a screen short and a attach for undersanding,,



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@KAM_Mumin Not sure I follow, but just type =INDIRECT(E2) in F2 and copy down.





Brother thanks a lot,,,,

@Riny_van_EekelenBrother if i want to put another sheet referance then what is need to do? because the cell number showing those are another sheet cell number,,, please ...



@KAM_Mumin Then this should work:

thanks again,, it works