MS Excel Formula Number to In Word Convert.


Hi Everyone!

Here I want to convert a number in a cell like (19201.7)  into word means it will show in a cell which is Nineteen Thousand Two Hundred One Taka Seven Paisa Only.

[Currency for Taka: Counting by Right-Side without decimal First three number is Hundred, Second two number is Thousand, Third two number is Lac, Fourth two number is Core and after all decimal is counting as Paisa.

Such as I have a currency means a number (98,65,34,721.65) then the in-word is (Ninety Eight Core Sixty Five Lac Thirty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty One Taka Sixty Five Paisa Only).]

Please If any of you have this solution then please reply then I will be very helpful,, I attached below a screen short for understanding,,



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See How to convert numbers to words in Indian rupees in Excel? 

You'll have to replace Rupee with Taka in the code.