MS Excel: Change colour of formula's output

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I have a requirement to change the text of formula's output. I tried many ways however entire cell colour is getting change not specific text.

So the formula is like below, combination on text and multiple formula in one cell only:

="Total amount payable to "&LOOKUP(2,1/(NOT(ISBLANK(H:H))),H:H)&" is "&Total[[#Totals],[Actual]]
Text 1 : Total amount payable to
Formula 1. : LOOKUP(2,1/(NOT(ISBLANK(H:H)))
Text 2. : is
Formula 2. : Total[[#Totals],[Actual]]
Text 1 and Text 2 colour would be black and formula 1 and Formula 2 output should change to Green.


How we could achieve this?


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This can (only ?) be done with Range.Characters(...,...).Font.Color in VBA.

@OliverScheurich, do you have any reference link or example that I can refer?


Range.Characters property (Excel) | Microsoft Docs

If i correctly understand this is your expected result:


Yes, it will will work Quadruple_Pawn !