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Is anyone else having issues where when you go to print your document it is moving values from their rows? When I view the document in print preview it is fine but then when I actually print it, one or more of my values is moving over into a different row. I have tried deleting the value and retyping it, I have tried deleting the information in the row it is moving to and retyping it but no change. HELP!

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Before doing this, make sure that the problem is not just on this file (workbook).


If the same problem occurs with all files, take a look at your printer.

If it is a network printer, one would have to look at the setting or change it.


For Pc printers, please update the driver in advance.

If the drive is new, please delete the driver and recharge it. Also look at the settings to this printer too.


If the problem recurs after these settings, then you should see whether the system control can repair the existing MS Office packet.


Anyway, try these settings on your printer first and then we'll see if it doesn't work.


Hope I could help you at least a little.

I would be happy to know if I could help.


I wish you continued success with Excel



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