move to another another location i spread sheet

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If something is true i want to jump to anther location in the same spreadsheet


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Well, one thing that is true is that your request needs to provide more information--quite a bit--before anybody can jump to help.


If possible, if you have a spreadsheet you're working on, please attach it. But please, too, a more complete description of the context in which this "If true, then jump" action is desired. What is the whole project about, and how does your request fit into it?


Those are the kinds of questions we would start with if I were sitting down with you face to face; it always makes more sense to get the big picture before focusing on a detail.



the formula i'm using is follows

b4 =550

B6 = 12

If(b4=<550,if(b6<,"go to" a29,0))



As I said before, can you give a more complete picture of what you're trying to do (big picture), not just restating what you've said in different words. What's the context in which this is supposed to happen? And attach the spreadsheet.


I've never seen a "go to" function. Macros could be written, I'm sure.... but that's getting ahead of ourselves.


As for the formula you've written:


b4=<550,           good so far; that's a valid comparison

if(b6<,                if b6 is less than [???] no comparison there

"go to" a29,       as noted, there is no "go to" function or command outside of a macro

0))                       where is this formula written that the value 0 should go if neither condition is met?


Sadly your syntax is wrong to begin with, so this formula will not work. And I don't know what you're trying to do so have no suggestion for repair.






I am trying to do a test i.e. data in location b4 is true then I want to do additional calculations in another area oy the spreadsheet but if false I want to give "false"


I am unable to give you more information be I signed an non discloser agreement



You wrote: I am unable to give you more information be I signed an non discloser agreement


OK, I can respect that and fully expect you to honor that, but the non-disclosure agreement surely doesn't preclude setting up and sharing a dummy spreadsheet with a mockup of the circumstances or relationships that reveals none of the specifics but all of the logical difficulties that have stymied you. Your descriptions are just vague enough that it makes it difficult to offer any specific advice or suggestions.