Move cursor randomly appears on cell corner hover instead of fill cursor

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Hi, I'm on OSX running the latest 365 suite. It's fresh install with no configuration changes, add-ons, etc. 


The behavior I expect is when the mouse cursor is hovered over the corner of a cell the "fill cursor" that is draggable as shown:

IMG_6924 Large.jpeg

Note that the default option "Allow fill handle and drag-and-drop cells" is enabled. 


But inexplicably, some cells will show a move cursor instead when hovering over the corner. 

IMG_6925 Large.jpeg


When you click in that position, an empty hovering box pops up:

IMG_6926 Large.jpeg

If you hit DELETE while the box is selected, it becomes deselected but is not removed from the sheet. 


I uploaded the file to Excel for Web and it did not have this same behavior. So it appears to be an issue specifically with Excel for Mac.


To be clear, this started occurring after some formulas were being worked on. What could cause this? 


Thanks for your help!

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