Mouse Wheel not working within one specific excel workbook-worksheets

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Suddenly I was unable to scroll through my worksheets using the scroll wheel on my mouse within one specific workbook in excel. I have tried everything I know to find out why. The mouse wheel will work properly within other excel workbooks and worksheets, and within every other application as normal, but it WILL NOT work at all within this one workbook! This is extremely frustrating, as I use this particular workbook frequently for timesheets. It is a pain to have to use the scroll bar at the side and bottom of the sheets! Can anyone please tell me how to resolve this issue???

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Sometimes it helps if you remove the fixation and reinsert it.

Located under the tab: View > Window > Freeze Window.
There may also be VBA code in the workbook preventing this.
To be able to say more precisely, one would have to be able to see the file.


Hope I could help you with these information.



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@jlo0717 I am experiencing this exact same issue all of a sudden! The mouse wheel will not scroll on one excel workbook in particular, and on every tab in that workbook. The panes are not frozen, there are no dialogue boxes open, I am not holding down the shift key (nor is the shift key enabled on my on-screen keyboard). I have other excel workbooks that are open at the exact same time and the mouse wheel scrolls normally on them. Have you figured out why this is happening on your workbook since originally asking the question in August? It is driving me crazy!

@lkohler46Same here as well on a sharepoint Excel doc.  I keep monthly pages of calendar-like scheduling data on a sheet and the December sheets forward are all not scrolling, but all tabs from previous two years scroll just fine.  Something changed, but not sure what, and not sure why it wouldn't affect previous pages since we copy them all from a template-page in the first tab.  Just for heckofit I deleted several old tabs thinking maybe I hit a limit of sorts and no affect.  Tried all the freeze, un-freeze, shift, Office repair, etc and no change. 


Edit:  I would add that I just did office updates per recommendation of a banner at the top of Outlook I believe it was.  So this leaves me highly suspect of the update.