Mouse cannot double click after upgrade to M365

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I have just updated to M365 but then the double-click functionality is not allowed in Microsoft applications, which suppose is enabled by default.  Is there any solutions on it ?  Thank you. 

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One possible solution to your problem is to change the double-click speed setting for your mouse. This issue may occur when the setting for the double-click speed for your mouse is too fast. You can change the double-click speed setting to a slower setting by following these steps:

  1. In Control Panel, select the Mouse item.
  2. If Mouse does not appear in Control Panel, type mouse in the search box, and then select Change mouse settings.
  3. On the Buttons tab, slide the Double-click speed slider to the left, and then select OK.

Sliding the Double-click speed slider one step to the left is typically sufficient to fix this issue. However, if the issue still occurs, you may have to slide it further.