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I can't get the spent column to update after updating the budget column in the monthly budget template inside the money for excel program.

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Currently I went into snapshot and unhid the columns V-AY and used the values in column AD in a simple equal sign to move the spent into the budget template. It doesn't update when switching the month obviously but its a rudimentary fix for the current month until someone can help me with a permanent solution.

@jtpolley77 Couple things to try:

  1. Print or copy your monthly amounts, then delete the MonthyBudget tab. This won't affect any other part of the workbook. You can then add it back from the Money in Excel add-in pane, OR:
  2. I normally strongly recommend not changing the structure of the template as provided by Microsoft, but this is safe. The formulas for the "Spent" and "Remaining" columns are the same for every row of the monthly budget table. They do lookups based on the Category name in the first column. If you have a row in the table that is working fine, just copy the spent and remaining cells from that row to a row that is not working.
  3. If step 2 doesn't work, or if the formula is already there, check the spelling of the Category name is the first column.

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