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Any idea when Money in Excel template will be available?

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I've only heard "in the coming months" and haven't seen a set date. It will only be for Microsoft 365 customers (previously Office 365). My assumption is it will go out to Insiders and Fast track subscribers first before entering monthly/general audience. In the below linked article, which released on 30-Mar-2020, it states, "the new data types and smart templates will be available to Office Insiders this spring and to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers in English in the coming months." I haven't seen anything else aside from that.

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Details are in this support article What is Money in Excel?  :

  • When will Money in Excel become available?

    Money in Excel is coming soon—stay tuned for announcements. Once released, Microsoft 365 Family and Personal subscribers will see Money in Excel as a premium template in the Excel desktop app, or in the browser with Excel for the web. Subscribers may also sign up to be notified when Money in Excel becomes available here.

  • What are the requirements to use Money in Excel?

    At launch, Money in Excel will be only available in the United States and can connect to most major financial institutions. You must be a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscriber. For the best experience, we recommend using Money in Excel on a laptop or desktop.

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Thanks much.

It's been a month. Any insider updates on when this will be available?


Insider updates could be for "what" but practically never for "when"

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If an insider can say "what" a product can do and don't know "when" that product is available, I see that as a failed strategy. They shouldn't have teased the community with a false release date.


I didn't see any false release date.


Money in Excel will start to become available in the coming months in the U.S. first.



Money in Excel is coming soon


Usually yes, coming soon=in the coming months=about a quarter till feature is deployed to insiders. We may like or dislike that, but that's usual practice to make an announcements far before actual deployment.

@Sergei Baklan 


You are right Sergei. MS never committed a release date. 


After your comment, I revised my previous searches. When I type in "Money in Excel release date" in google, the first result shows a box with April 21st. However, I saw that it is from a third party article and not directly from MS.


Yes, on April 21, as promised, it was rebranding of Office365 which was announced in the same post as Money, Wolfram Alpha data types and something else. There were no concrete dates for the latest functionalities.