Money in Excel need help

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I am a "newby" so my apologies if this sounds too basic. 

I linked my bank account, I change an entry under the category, how can I ensure all prior entries that match will change as well? For example, a transaction from Home Depot was entered as "shopping". I'm a masonry contractor so I changed the category to "materials". It changed it to that single entry, but I'd like it to reflect in all past entries as well.

Hope someone helps:)

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Anyone? LOL

@HenryDzwil By design. Money in Excel is not going to change prior transaction, only the default category for future transactions. As an example, sometimes I go to Target and I buy Groceries, and other times it's Home Supplies. I don't want Money going back in time and changing my previous category assignments.


But, because you're using Excel, there is an uncomplicated way to do this manually. Filter the merchant column on "Target" (for my example):

  • Right click on the cell in the merchant column, and then Filter | Filter by Selected Cell's Value.


  • Or, click the drop-down menu next of the Merchant column and search for "Target". I like this method because you'll see the same merchant has a slightly different name on different credit cards.


Now, you see a clean list of all transactions for one merchant, and you can change each category line-by-line, or use cut-and-paste to change several at once.