Money In Excel Lost Account Info

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When i open Money in Excel, the panel is showing all of my accounts as Unknown and with zero balances (which is not correct).  Does anybody know how to fix this issue?  I could delete my account and start over, but i don't want to lose my historical transactions.


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You need to start over, and you will not lose your transactions. Every time you sync, Money in Excel is making a copy of your transactions and categories in the cloud. Make a new workbook from the template, add any missing accounts, and then sync.

@David_Goodhand unfortunately, that didn't work  The copy of my transactions and data is no longer accessible from any workbook because the IDs for institution and accounts have changed.  I've found another product to use instead of Money In Excel.

@GThompson1218 This issue is occuring for me as well. All accounts unknown and zero balance. Loved this product before but now it is unusable unfortunately. Even deleting my accounts and reloading as well as downloading a new template file has not resolved this issue for me



I ended up signing up for Tiller, which works well.