Missing geography location

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Can you please check missing geography location for town Užice, Serbia. It can not be added to excel but it exists in bing. location 43.855579, 19.842558


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Sorry, I'm not familiar with Serbia geography. If you mean Map Charts it very depends how do you map administrative divisions (Country-> Province->County) in Excel table, name related columns and names i each record.

@Sergei Baklan thank you for replay,

for the rest of the towns in my excel file, I didn't setup nothing more than name of the town. Only that one is missing. Also, there is a difference between entry and the cell value no matter how i type it.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 090755.png


Sorry, I have no idea why Ужице is not recognized for Serbia. Perhaps due to conflict with same names in Czech


I'd suggest to report an issue from Help->Feedback->Report an issue in your Excel.

Back to your screenshot I'd don't use Geography Data Types and play with column names.