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I am currently using the latest build of Excel as part of my Office 365 subscription. I have noticed that a number of functions that I would like to use within formulas are not available. The functions that I am currently attempting to use are DATEDIF, SORT, UNIQUE and FILTER. I suspect that there are quite a few other functions that are also unavailable.


I have already chatted with a Microsoft support member who confirmed that the functions are not available when it attempt to type them into a selected cell. I am currently a member of the Insiders program (Monthly Targeted) and I have updated my copy of Excel to the latest version.

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Please can someone provide some assistance. Many thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

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To get the SORT, FILTER and UNIQUE functions you must be on Insider FAST and on top of that you must be among the people who have been (randomly!) selected to receive the Dynamic Array capabilities. DATEDIF should work on your Excel too, just type the function manually.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thank you for your response and for outlining the requirements for using SORT, UNIQUE and FILTER.


Unfortunately, DATEDIF is still missing as shown whenever I try to type the function into a cell.


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Have you come across this before?

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Datedif is the only function not available in the list (for historic reasons) that is actually there. Just type the entire function name.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Unbelievable. It works now. I used DATEDIF without it appearing in the list and it works as expected. Thank you for your assistance with this problem.



I have this same problem, but my case is even more bizarre.  I had the functions (in particular Unique and Filter) when I shut down shop last night.  I have had them now for a couple of months (or at least I discovered them a few months ago. But this morning, they are now longer in the list of available functions.


To make matters even more strange, I read somewhere that the problem is connected to the language version of Excel you are using.  I put my Excel in French and the fonctions come back.  But I don't want my Excel to be in French.  ... or German or any other language that I happen to speak.  


Please can someone help !!!

Lost in Lockdown with out a unique filter to save my sole !!!