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I recently spent quite a few hours composing a comprehensive comparison between my club's investment holdings and the investment holdings of the SPY. This included detailed information about our holdings, the breakdown of the sectors and industries we were directly invested in, and the industries and sectors we were indirectly invested in via investments in various ETFs. I had three sheets in my file: one had our firm's holdings in terms of quantity, price per share, and market value of all shares; the second had an industry breakdown of our direct investments, as well as an industry breakdown of the ETFs we were invested in, then I calculated the industry breakdown of SPY, and compared the two; the final sheet, and by far the largest, included a sector and industry breakdown, providing a more focused look into how our investments compared to the SPY. I saved my work (several times, because I'm paranoid like that), opened a Chrome tab, and began to write an email, sharing my work with my fellow club members. When I went to attach the file, I realized I did not change the name to something more accurately describing the work included (it had a generic name processed by our investment firm when we download our holdings). I opened File Explorer, but when I went to rename the Excel sheet, I noticed it was only 12 KB. Knowing very little about computers, but enough to be alarmed, I opened the file and it was not the same file I had saved at all. 


This is where it gets weird. The file included some of the last calculations I did, and most of the third sheet was there. Neither the first, nor second, sheets were in the file. The calculations I conducted between sheets (ie with =sum(Sheet 1), remained as hard coded numbers with (I presume) the current calculations inside. None of the formatting I had done in terms of the color of the numbers was saved either. I really need to find this older version I had, and after spending several hours on the document I was rather defeated when I saw an imposter document in its place. Any help you may provide is welcome


Because it is a part of a club activity, and the nature of our investments are not public knowledge, I am unable to share any workbooks to this post. I will be glad to answer questions about the excel issue I am having though, and more than happy to provide more specifics pertaining to this issue


For reference, I am using Excel on my PC.

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