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I want each player's average ranking to show up underneath "Positional Tiers" in addition to Column O. The order of players will be changing a lot, so A2-O2 could swap with A4-O4, etc. If I set Cell X3 to "= O21", making Patrick Mahomes's Average Ranking show up next to his positional tier as well, the value changes if he moves up or down any rows. Columns A-O will be sorted by the numeric values that will be in Column O. I would like to know how to set this X3 cell to mirror whichever Column O cell is in the same row as Patrick Mahomes.



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sounds like you want XLOOKUP (or VLOOKUP or INDEX(MATCH()) combo). So in X3:
you may need to adjust the ranges and note the $W$3:$W$21 is a dynamic array that should fill the whole column down in 1 formula instead of only using W3 and then filling down.
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This would be a perfect situation for a lookup. If you have office 365, try using XLOOKUP, something in X3 would be =XLOOKUP(W3,A:A,O:O). This searches for whatever is next to it, finds it in column A, then returns whatever is in that same row in column O. Vlookup will be a similar function, should be easy to convert if you're running and older version.