Minor but annoying issue with Excel Recent

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In my Excel Recent List which pops up when I right click on Office 365 Excel in start menu, four old files from an old work SharePoint I used to have linked from my PC keep showing up. If I remove them from this list, they just continuously reappear. I no longer have access to the SharePoint site they were in as I left the company. Is there any way to permanently remove these? I have re-installed Office 365 to no avail.

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Did you try to remove from Recent list within Excel (File->Home->Recent), not from right click list on Excel icon?

Thanks, Sergei. I did previously, and they still came back. But I have not tried this since I reset Windows 10 and re-installed 365 (had other issues to fix also). I am trying this again now.
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As I remember Recent list is associated with your account and synced through cloud on all your devices. Thus even if you install fresh new office on fresh new machine, but under the same account, you will have same Recent list.

Thank you, Serg. It worked this time to go through Excel/File/Home and delete recents there.