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The Restore Down icon on my spreadsheets no longer works. Many of my activities require that I be able to see the spreadsheet and another document at the same time.

Currently either the sheet covers the full screen or is a little box in the upper left of the screen. I am using Windows 10 on a HP PC.

This problem is not present on Word documents.

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Can you enlarge that little box by dragging one of its edges or corners?

No, but thanks for the suggestion. I found a drop down box that gives me the option to change the size and that works. I tried several times since to make it big and small and it works fine now. THANKS, THANKS MUCH
Where did you find the drop down box? I have the same problem. Enlarging the small box worked for me but if there is a drop down box that also works, I would like to know where to find it.
Thanks for this. I have tried for a couple of days now to figure this one out. The options in the Help section didn't help at all.


Try pressing Alt+spacebar (if you're on Windows); this activates a dropdown with options for the current window. One op the options is to size the window. If you select this, you can use the arrow keys to resize it; press Esc when done.



@Hans Vogelaar 

I right clicked the minimize square in the upper right side. It produced a label " minimize down". After clicking it, the minimize began working as it should.